4 Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

4 Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

4 Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

Did you know coffee is the most popular drink worldwide with over 400 billion cups consumed each year?
Last year in Britain, £730 million was spent on coffee with 500g of coffee being consumed per person, per year.  Crazy!

So what really is all this coffee hype about, is it even any good for us?

Well surprisingly coffee has some interesting health benefits which will soon make you understand why it is so popular!

1. Coffee helps you burn fatCaffeine helps fat cells break down body fat and use it as fuel for training. If your planning on buying any fat burning supplements we guarantee that caffeine will be one of the main ingredients. Caffeine has been shown to boost metabolism by 3-11% and dramatically increase fat burning potential. 

2. Coffee boosts your physical performance - Have a cup of black coffee about 30 minutes before your workout and your performance can improve by 11-12%. Caffeine increases adrenaline levels in your blood. Adrenaline is your body’s “fight or flight” hormone which helps you to prepare for physical activity.

3. Coffee can brighten up your mood - A couple of cups a coffee a day can help give you that boost you need. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and boosts production of neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline, which elevate your mood. 

4. Coffee may lower risk of Type II diabetes and reduce risk of parkinsons disease - Caffeine can decrease your insulin sensitivity and impairs glucose tolerance, therefore reducing your risk of type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown that regular coffee drinking decreases risk of Parkinson’s disease by 25%. There’s evidence that coffee causes activity in the part of the brain affected by Parkinson’s.

 If you need a pre workout kick or a mood boost, coffee is the way to go to get you buzzing!