The story so far!

Getbuzzing all started with our family’s passion for creating nutritious and delicious oat bars. We wanted to share our homemade treats with others, believing that everyone should have access to wholesome snacks.

Inspired by the positive feedback from friends and loved ones who enjoyed our bars, we decided to turn our passion into a business. In the early days, we started small, making each bar by hand in our own kitchen. We poured our hearts into perfecting the recipe, ensuring that every bar was packed with natural ingredients and mouthwatering flavours.

As we shared our bars with more people, the demand grew. Word of mouth spread. It was a pivotal moment for us, realising that our homemade creations had the potential to make a real impact in the health and wellness industry.

Local Bakery:

As the demand for our oat bars grew, we enlisted the help of our whole family in picking and packing. We operated from a local bakery in Hazlemere.


Our bars gained popularity, and we found a bigger manufacturer to meet the increasing demand. We introduced new flavours such as Nut and Gluten Free Banana and Berry and shortly followed by the High Protein Cherry. Our products entered the consumer market and were made available in all Waitrose stores.

Sports Performance Laboratory:

The Banana Bar underwent testing at the Bucks New Uni Sports Performance Laboratory. The test was published in the Nutritional Journal showing the value the bars have on the Sports Performance market.

Nut-Free Bakery:

In order to cater to a wider range of dietary preferences and restrictions, we moved our production to a nut-free bakery. This allowed us to make every bar Nut and Gluten Free, expanding our customer base.

Professional Sports:

We recognised the importance of quality assurance for Professional Sports teams and players. To ensure the highest standards, all our protein bars underwent Informed Sport Testing. This certification provided the assurance needed for athletes across various sports disciplines. As a result, we began supplying our bars to sports individuals and teams worldwide.


Understanding the significance of accommodating dietary restrictions, we focused on providing Nut and Gluten Free options. This allowed us to serve customers with allergies in schools, airlines, and other environments. Airlines were able to offer diverse dietary preferences to their passengers from around the world, while our bars became popular choices for children’s lunch boxes and school healthy eating options.


Throughout our journey, we have stayed true to our brand values. We have remained a small, Award Winning Family-run business with ambitious ideas and noteworthy accomplishments since our launch.

The Future:

As we look ahead, we believe that the milestones achieved so far are just the beginning. We are excited about the future opportunities that lie ahead for Getbuzzing and our continued growth in the market.