UKTriChat Product Review

UKTriChat Product Review

UKTriChat Product Review

A lovely review about our delicious bars written by Helen Webb.

Being a lover of all things food related, especially anything made from natural ingredients that is free from colours, preservatives and additives, I was delighted to be asked to test and review getbuzzing flapjacks.

As a triathlete, I’m always on the lookout for ways to take on board energy on the go. These flapjacks didn’t disappoint for a number of reasons. Firstly, they’re tasty - not too sweet and not too bland, plus their buttery flavour makes them feel like you’re having a really luxurious treat! They are moist, so easy to swallow, which is a real plus when you’re on the bike. Made primarily from oats, fruits, seeds, butter and honey getbuzzing bars are a low GI food, delivering a steady flow of energy. However, they are rather crumbly, which means you’ve got to be careful when eating them so you don’t find lots of bits escaping to the ground.

With nut allergies being a real concern for some, these flapjacks really hit the mark, being free from three types of nut. For those watching their waistlines, you should be aware that they are fairly high in fat, maybe less of a concern for those of us who are continuously dashing around.

I took a few getbuzzing bars (Wowbutter, banana and apricot, and date and seed) out with me on a hilly, 90 mile bike ride round the Surrey Hills. They were great! The natural flavours were the first thing I noticed, and because they tasted good, they put a big smile on my face and helped me forget about the pain of the hills. They also delivered on energy, keeping me going without ever getting that ‘heavy’ feeling in my belly. These bars are easy to digest when on the move, an important plus when fuelling on a bike ride.

I’m a huge peanut butter fan and will happily add it to pretty much everything I eat, so was curious about how the Wowbutter flavour would compare to peanut butter. I was more than pleasantly surprised - it was awesome!! This flavour of flapjack was definitely my favourite! I honestly could not tell that it didn’t contain nuts - amazing!


These bars do live up to their claim of being ridiculously tasty healthy food that doesn’t compromise on taste. I’ll be keeping a supply in my kit bag from now on!