Are we consumed by the idea of an 'Instagram Lifestyle'?

Are we consumed by the idea of an 'Instagram Lifestyle'?

It isn’t all Bikram Yoga, Super green smoothies and Quinoa. Being ‘healthy’ is a lifestyle and one that we can enjoy!

We can’t help but love and strive for the ‘Instagram lifestyle’, the one with brightly coloured super foods and fab fitness fanatic burpee lovers, the ones who say kale smoothies actually taste great and the ‘run faster, work harder, don’t give uppers’.

We paint beautiful pictures over Instagram, but is it a lifestyle, or is it a fad?

How long did it really take to get that incredible 28-ingredient super salad image? The lighting, which filter, which hashtags? Did they even eat it after?

In a generation such as ours, are we completely consumed by the picture we paint on social media, rather than how we feel about ourselves?


My new years resolution this year was to feel the best I ever have, physically, mentally, completely and for no one else, but me.

My dad was a cook, so growing up my eyes were opened to some amazing foods and a wholesome diet. But if we don’t grow up eating real, natural wholefoods, how do we change our habits? 

Firstly we need to WANT to do it.

Secondly we need to ENJOY doing it.

Lastly we need to FEEL the benefits.

With all of the increasing devastating diseases our generation is facing, it is not futile to strive for a better you and personally this is where I am seeing the actual concern and benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

So lets put down our phones and pick up an attitude, one that benefits us and makes a difference to your life, whatever your goals may be!

Oh and lets pick up some lemon water whilst we're there... because not all trends are fads after all ;-)