Why we need to stay Hydrated!

Why we need to stay Hydrated!

Water is essential for life and it is very important to get the right amount of fluid into your body. However there are lots of mixed messages about how much you should consume, and what to drink and this can be confusing.

Why do you need water? 
Your body is made up of nearly two-thirds water. Your brain itself is 80 percent water, and your lungs are nearly 90 percent water. It is so important that you consume enough fluid to stay hydrated and healthy. If you don’t get enough fluid you may start to get headaches, dizziness and start to feel tired. Water cushions and lubricates joints; nourishes and protects the brain, spinal cord and other tissues; keeps the body's temperature normal; and helps remove waste through perspiration, bowel movements and urination.  

How can I tell if I am getting enough water? 

Your body is very clever and has special ways to make sure you stay hydrated. The feeling of thirst is your body way of you that you need to drink more. 
However, the easiest way to spot that you might not be getting enough water is by the colour of your urine. Your urine should be a pale straw colour, this means that your body is hydrated and taking in enough water. If your not getting enough water, your urine will be a dark yellow.  You also need to drink more if it is hot, or if your temperature is high due to physical activity or illness.

How much do you need?

The amount of fluid you need depends on many things including the weather, how much physical activity you do and your age, but the Health Authorities suggest that healthy adults should drink between 6-8 medium-sized glasses of fluid daily. This is on top of the water provided by food you eat which on average is around 20% of you total fluid intake. You can get water from nearly all fluid that you drink, apart from stronger alcoholic drinks such as wine and spirits. 

If you struggle getting your water intake up why not try adding fruit into your water or making fruit ice cubes to make sure you are getting enough water into our body to stay happy and healthy!

Stay Hydrated!