As members of the Anaphalaxisis Campaign here at Getbuzzing we go to extraordinary lengths to make our bars safe for nut allergy sufferers. 

Here at getbuzzing we have gone to great lengths implementing stringent procedures to keep nuts OUT of our manufacturing process.  It is a factory that is ‘nut free’ and we undertake the '9 Nut Testing’ at regular intervals throughout the year. This will detect all traces of nuts (including peanuts) listed in the labelling regulations in one single test.

We take every risk element away to ensure there is no risk of any nut traces in our products. 

Peanut allergies are becoming more and more popular through the years, with recent studies showing that the rate of peanut allergies having doubled over 5 years in the UK, Europe and the United States. A peanut allergy is estimated now to affect 1 in 50 young children. The reason for this increase is not fully understood, but is in line with the general increase in all forms of allergy including asthma, eczema and hayfever.

The majority of allergic reactions to peanut and tree nuts are mild. Hives (nettle rash), eczema and vomiting are the most common complaints in children. However, some allergic reactions to peanut or tree nuts can be severe, causing difficulty in breathing or throat swelling, or a drop in blood pressure. This is known as anaphylaxis, and allergy to peanut or tree nuts is one of the most common triggers.

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