The glycemic index (GI) is a measurement of the rate at which our bodies break down carbs in our food to glucose. It measures the speed in which the digestion occurs and the amount it raises your blood sugar levels. This was originally designed for people with diabetes.
Foods with a low GI rating releases energy more slowly and will help prevent those dreaded sugar highs! These foods will cause a steady rise in the level of glucose in the blood, which will then lead to small and gentle rises in insulin which will leave you feeling fuller and energised for hours after eating and encourage the body to burn fat.

Low GI foods:

Oats, Lentils, Beans, Wholegrains, nuts and seeds
Those with a high GI will give you lots of readily available energy in your blood, your body will naturally use this energy rather than turning to your fat stores which will cause your body to feel lethargic and craving more sugary foods!

High GI Foods:

White bread, processed breakfast cereals, cakes and biscuits 
Low GI - 55 or less
Medium GI - 55 - 69
High GI - 70 or more
Carbohydrates, including sugar, are the preferred sources of the body’s fuel for brain power, muscle energy and every natural process that goes on in every functioning cell.
Nutrition experts consistently recommend increasing carbohydrates to achieve a balanced and healthy diet. Food rich in starches and fibre are usually low in fat while providing a good source of vitamins and minerals.
Trying to replace sugar with other calorific or artificial sweeteners is not a solution to any sort of weight management. Sugars are not uniquely fattening.
If your looking to lose weight you need to reduce the total amount of calories consumed or increase caloric expenditure through physical activity. A combination of reduced calorie intake and increased calorie burning will be the key to success!

In summary:

  • Eating low GI foods provide natural, slow release energy. No Sugar highs or lows!
  • The less processed the carbs the lower the GI score.
  • Processed foods, containing white flour and white sugar will have a high GI. 
  • Sugar is a healthy part of a balanced diet!

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