Sports Scientist and Nutritional Lead, Ed Clark talks GetBuzzing at Reading Football Club

Sports Scientist and Nutritional Lead, Ed Clark talks GetBuzzing at Reading Football Club


We chatted to Ed Clark, Sports Scientist and Nutritional lead at Reading FC, to ask what it's like to work with GetBuzzing and how the bars work in their environment

“We started looking at the GetBuzzing products when we needed a good quality energy bar to give out to players that was completely nut free; One of our players has a severe nut allergy so we needed to cater to him and felt that the quality of the products was actually good enough to use with the entire team.

A former employee recommended us to GetBuzzing bars and because of the way the bars were received by the players the partnership stuck. It’s now part of our players match day routines so we don’t like to tamper with that unless we have to. 

We considered other product options however, players allergy restrictions has been one reason for not using different products. Ultimately it is down to taste and the opinion of our squad of players, we let them try things we get sent and if they go down well then we start implementing them.

The quality of the GetBuzzing products stand out, as well as the professionalism of the staff every time we have any contact with them. I have met some of the GetBuzzing team at the ISNEC conference and everyone was good to talk to. Also an added bonus is how the company is fairly local to us here, which is a nice touch.

We know that we are supplying our players with a good product that suits our need for it and matches our ethos and practices here at the club.

Everyone enjoys the bars and that means they go down very well, almost to the point where we are limiting how many we give out otherwise we will constantly be ordering more!

GetBuzzing are very efficient, we have never had any issues with orders and if there ever is, then it is all very well communicated. It’s a pleasure to order from GetBuzzing".

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