A Day in the Life of...

A Day in the Life of...

A Day in the Life of...

GB Heptathlete 

Jess Tappin

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So every day for me is different, I tend to train in the evening as the track is never open till 3!!

Training Day 

8:30/9AM: Wake up :) Green Rooibos tea
Then usually a late Breakfast unless I'm really hungry when I wake up. 
Breakfast would either be:
Two slices of toast with lots of Kerrigold butter (my fav) with smoked salmon, avocado and poached/scrambled eggs
Bowl of Greek yoghurt with GetBuzzing WowButter Bar broken up, chia seeds, berries, cocoa powder, cinnamon, crunchy peanut butter and protein powder so delish
1PM: lunch something light Pâté/peanut butter and marmite on Corn Thins/sourdough bread. Sourdough is literally my ultimate fave mmm toasted with lots of butter.
2:30: leave for training
3PM: start warming up. I need such a long warm up, in the winter especially as it absolutely freezing! And we have no heating. Trying to sprint in minus conditions I feel is like neon impossible without hurting yourself. 
4PM: My coach arrives and I'm ready to go. First event normally high jump, then on to some hurdles, finishing the technical session with some long jump/shot putt depending how I'm feeling.
Throughout this session I'm normally munching on a GetBuzzing Bar, Banana ones always a gooden during those sessions.
6/6:30: then after all the technical it's outside for some fun running sessions! 
8PM: by this point I'm dead on the floor trying not be sick and think how am I going to drive back home. Protein shake time!
8:30/9: Sit in my car eating a Mint Choc GetBuzzing Bar and then eventually drive home.
9:30 I always so late for dinner so I'm normally not even very hungry so I'll make something quick like a stir fry, by the time I smell it I'm hungry again :D

Rest day

8:30/9AM: wake up have a cup of tea 
10AM: Go through emails and have some breakfast. My absolute favourite breakfast on a rest day is smoked salmon, eggs, smashed avocados on toast! Sooo good
11AM: Walk to yoga which is about 40/50min walk
12.15: yoga class, then afterwards I have a Buzzing Bite!
1:45: PT some clients
4PM: Walk back home sometimes via a supermarket, Wowbutter Bar in tow!
7PM: whip up a cracking meal 
Depending what kind of session I’ll have the next day. Sometimes I will make burgers, or bolognese, but usually a spicy stir-fry I love spicy food! Or roasted veg love that, OH or Thai green curry with chicken&/prawns. 
To be honest I'm a massive foodie and my life really revolves around food. I love food :) 
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