A Day of Nutrition with...

A Day of Nutrition with...

A Day of Nutrition with...

Amy Kilpin - Age Group Triathlete


I’m vegetarian and therefore need plenty of protein to aid muscle recovery, as I don’t eat meat. I naturally choose healthy food options and don’t struggle to eat healthily – I stick to simple and natural ingredients and rarely eat processed or manufactured foods.

Breakfast: My favourite ‘go to’ breakfast is homemade blueberry Bircher muesli, which contains oats, fat-free Greek yoghurt, whole milk, almonds, and blueberries which have been lightly ‘stewed’ into a compote.

Lunch: On harder training days it will be three poached eggs on two slices of sourdough toast with half an avocado. On easier days I tend to have a colourful salad with plenty of spinach and other vegetables/salad items, hummus and quinoa.

Snacks: On harder training days I will have a carb-based snack such as a WowButter bar around an hour before the second training session. On these days I also usually take CherryActive after the hard sessions to aid muscle recovery. On easier days I will have a protein based snack such as a Mint Choc bar either mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

Dinner: Usually something like roasted sweet potatoes with plenty of veg and some Quorn, or a homemade pizza with wholemeal flatbreads as a base and vegetable, tomato and mozzarella topping.

Evening: Glass of full fat milk before bed. On harder training days I also have fat free Greek yoghurt and fruit here too.

Supplements: I don’t tend to supplement much but I do take a probiotic tablet when I’m travelling and racing lots, and usually a daily zinc and iron supplement to keep natural defences and energy high.


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