A day of nutrition with....

A day of nutrition with....

A day of nutrition with....


Typical day nutrition…..

Training day 

Food is Fuel…. That’s how we look at things as an athlete/rugby player- what I put in my body is supporting my performance which is vital. Food prep is also vital to train, sustain energy, growth and recovery- something I have learnt over the years is this is something you have to be consistent with in order to get the results you want. A couple of things I really try to ensure on a daily basis is my water intake - 2-3L a day is what I aim for. I don’t always hit this but it’s good to aim high. We have a saying - food for a purpose- this often helps to make good food choices. 

I hit the road really early to get to training so I often eat on the go for breakfast! 


English breakfast Tea

Protein Shake 

Bottle of water 

6:30- Arrive at training 

Watt bike session 30-40minutes 

Post training 2 boiled Eggs 

Half a Get Buzzing bar - normally Wowbutter 

8am – Team Prep

Black coffee before 

9am- Speed Session and then straight into weights 

I will try and have something in between these sessions like a banana or apple

11:30am Lunch 

Protein source – Chicken is my go to option 

I’ll have either Vegetables or Salad 

After my meal I will have some yoghurt with berries or a banana if I didn’t have one earlier. 

1:30pm – Rugby training 

Post training, I will finish my Get buzzing bar and also have some Beef Jerky on the road home 

4:30pm - Home 

If I’m hungry (which is normally the case) My staple snacks are: 




Get Buzzing bars

Raw nuts

6:30pm- Dinner 

Meat either chicken or fish and vegetables – I try to alternate each night between chicken and fish, either white fish or salmon. 

Pre bed Snack 

Total yoghurt with some berries 


My protein intake is very high and I get my carbohydrates mainly from fruit and vegetables. I do also have sweet potato or rice with my meals on really heavy training days. I get my fats from good sources such as oily fish and nuts or my Get Buzzing Wow Butter bar. I also cook everything in Lucy Bee coconut oil. I try and eat something every 3-4 hours and try to get more than five a day in each day. I also do indulge every now and then- I try not to make it often but treats are a good break from routine! I also try and go out for a nice meal without worrying each month! Remember food is fuel and it’s for a purpose, what you put in your get back out! 

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