Getbuzzing Pumpkin Pie

Getbuzzing Pumpkin Pie




2 Date and seed GetBuzzing Bars

1/2 cup oats

1tbsp pumpkin seeds

50ml hot water



250g pumpkin puree 

1 egg

20g maple syrup

1tsp cinnamon

1tsp vanilla extract



Either 20g melted chocolate or a mixture of 1tbsp cacao/cocoa powder, 1tbsp maple syrup and 3tbsp hot water 




1. Chop the pumpkin into chunks and boil/microwave until cooked through

2 .Blend the pumpkin to a puree, along with the maple syrup, vanilla and cinnamon, then leave to cool

3. Whilst the filling is cooling, make the base by crumbling up the bars in a microwavable bowl and heating in the microwave for 45-60s until softened.

4. Blend the oats and seeds together, then add to the bars, along with the hot water - mix together until well-combined

5. Spread the mixture out into a greased flan dish to make a pie base (sides of the dish should also be covered), then bake for 15mins at 200C

6. Beat the egg, then whisk into the pumpkin mixture

7. Pour the pumpkin mixture onto the pie base and return to the oven for 30mins until the mixture is firm

8. Allow the pie to cool slightly then use the chocolate/cacao mixture to make a web on-top to decorate

9. Enjoy warm or leave to cool 

Recipe by Tiff Afflick (The Cooking Yam) 
Instagram - @thecookingyam